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Welcome to

Southern Charm's

NC Mally Pack!


We both have grown up having dogs as children and as adults as well. Shadow was our first Alaskan Malamute and we fell in love with the breed through him. We knew we would always want a Malamute in our life. 

We decided to breed our Malamutes so we can keep our family legacy going through their puppies. If we had enough room, we would keep all the puppies! 



Contact us:



We welcome you to come visit us and dogs. We ask that you call and make an appointment to schedule a time. Please do not bring any dogs or other animals with you when you visit. We are located 10 minutes south of Greensboro, North Carolina.


Contact us:   336-549-5959


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We are located 10 minutes South of Greensboro, NC

Southern Charm NC Malamutes

Tel: 336-549-5959

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